Coconut-based raw materials

Coconut-based raw materials

Desiccated coconut
Medium, fine, extra fine; various countries of origin
Also available as organic goods

Coconut milk powder
Fine spray-dried powder
60–70%  fat content in a 15 kg carton
Can be processed into coconut milk by adding water

Coconut cream
17% or 24% fat levels
Available in 200 litre drums, 2.8 litre Tetra Paks or 400 ml cans

Coconut, Chips / cubes / flakes
Natural or roasted, sweetened as required

Coconut milk
Squeezed from the white pulp of fresh coconut
No additives
Shipping and storage at -18°C

Coconut water
In Tetra Paks or 200 litre drums
Aseptic packaging

Coconut oil


Other products available on request